Saturday, January 26, 2013

Paris is always a good idea

And this marks the beginning of my France-posts.
(You've been warned)

I lived in Rouen, Normandy, which was conveniently situated 1,5 hour train ride away from Paris. One Saturday in the end of September, my roommate and I decided to spend a day there. Though I've been to Paris before, it was about 10 years ago, so the memories weren't that crisp.

Thankfully it was a beautiful, sunny day. We wanted to see all the main attractions of Paris so we'd get an overview of the city for the next time when we come back.

So this is my first trip to Paris while living in France.

La Tour Eiffel
What's more Paris than Eiffel Tower?!
Musée du Louvre
Since we were there only a day, we didn't go inside the museum this time.
Jardin des Tuileries
Tuileries Garden near the Louvre Museum
Place de la Concorde
Arc de truiomphe de l'Étoile
Just like Louvre, we didn't go inside the Arc de Triomphe this time
La Seine
Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris
Soirée à Paris

I truly love Paris. It is one of the most magical and beautiful cities I've been to. Going through all the pictures, I remember how much fun I had that day and how much I miss it.
I miss France.
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TheSorting House said...

Coucou, loving your pics from Paris, such a fantastic city to photograph, especially when the weather is playing nice! Makes me think of uploading my Paris snaps too! Where are you living now? Last year I lived in Nantes as part of Erasmus but I'm back in the good ol' North West (UK) now.

Dilan Dilir said...

love the photos :D

BeautyShades said...

Haven't been to Paris. Looks like it has lots of nice places to visit :0)

nail crazy said...

maybe life get you back to paris few more times, you never know ;)

LittleMonsterx14 said...


Lizzy said...

So jealous! When we were in Germany the 6th graders would take a field trip to Paris. Unfortunately we shipped out after 5th grade. Amazing pictures! So happy to get to see it somehow.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures!! I'd love to visit Paris someday!

becacine said...

I love Rouen. Spent a few days with a group of friends while I lived in Paris & we had such a great time. Great pics!

Melissa said...

Gorgeous photos! I'd love to be able to travel to Paris one day.

zebra-nails said...

Interesting post, very beautiful photos! :)

Karoline said...

Hi dear !
Thank you so much for your comment :)
I'm so glad you like my nail art !

Your blog is so nice !
Would you like to follow each other ??
Let me know !


Sara said...

Ooh - Paris! One of my favorite places! Your photos are gorgeous! I really love the clouds in your pictures, too - very picturesque!

Thanks for stopping by my blog this weekend :)


Lydz said...

oh those photos are gorgeous! :) I want to visit Paris one day.

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