Thursday, November 22, 2012

Return of the Golden Child

Well hello there.
Once again I've been neglecting this blog, but I have a good excuse. 
I'm just enjoying life.

It's already my third month in France, and in the end of the year I'm leaving. I've loved every minute of it and I want to do as much as possible, so that's why I have focused on enjoying my time here rather than blogging. I hope you'll all understand.

Also it was my birthday on 10th of November, so now I'm officially 20! Woo!

And here are my latest nails
(and the post title cleverly taken from the fantastic British TV Show The IT-Crowd)

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This is new nail polish from H&M Confetti Time over YSL Gold.
And once again, I'm totally in love - it's such a gorgeous glitter!

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Just one coat of Confetti Time

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Three coats

This week I'm gonna spend in London (going there for the first time, I seriously can't wait!) and after that there will be more posts. :)
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EstonianBeauty said...

Welcome back ;)

Marias Nail Art said...

A belated happy birthday - and that mani sure is festive and golden!

nail crazy said...

happy b-day, glad you're back :D
lovely manicure :D

Mooncat said...

Welcome back :). The polish is absolutely gorgeous! And I love the bottle.

Mariska Coenders said...

Cool glitter polish! :-D festive!

Tina said...


LittleMonsterx14 said...

love it!

Lydz said...

im so happy to hear you are loving it! London - please show pictures :) lovely glitter!

Elizabeth said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! Enjoying life sounds like a perfectly good reason to be away for a little while. Hope you're enjoying London this week, and the rest of your time in France! :D

Meredith Anne said...

Looks beautiful!

Emy Lim said...

Wow!!! This mani is so stunning!!! Love it!!! It looks so elegant and classy. Great job!

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