Saturday, September 29, 2012

Mint Milk

This is probably my new favourite nail polish KIKO 389 - Mint Milk

While shopping my friend and I discovered Kiko store and when I saw the nail polish selection... I couldn't leave before buying one.
For the first two days I didn't have any stampings.
This is just such a gorgeous color, I absolutely love it. It's so bright and perfect looking.
I've got on two coats of Mint Milk and the stampings are done with H&M Dark Blue and m30 stamping plate.

Did I already mention that I'm crazy for this colour?!
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Thursday, September 27, 2012


Bonjour, mes amis!

This is my latest creation.
And of course when I mentioned in my last post that the weather is so nice and sunny... It started raining. A lot. So not many pictures in natural light.
This is Attitude in Center of Attention - gorgeous hot pink, and it gets even better, it's one coater!
The lighter pink used for dots is N.Y.C 108A - light pink.

I said one of my posts that I had to leave all my nail tools at home so this mani I used oh so glamorous toothpick. But nevertheless I really liked how it turned out.

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Monday, September 17, 2012

Flowery French

Now that I've somewhat settled in France (which I already totally adore) I'm ready to jump back on the blogging band-wagon.
And what better way to start it out than with a French mani (punny person that I am).

I didn't have my things with me, but I tried to do my best.
I used Yves Saint Laurent French Manicure Kit pens, stamping plate, red, green and holographic polishes for these nails. 

I will make a post with pictures about my life here soon, so keep an eye on that. :)
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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Big News!

I am moving to France!

When this post goes live I will be on a plane, flying towards my home for the next 4 months.
I am going as an exchange student and I'll stay there only one semester, returning just after Christmas.

As excited as I am, this will mean less nail art. I had to pack 4 months into 23 kilograms, which left not so much room for the nail polishes. I know I'll buy some, but my collection won't be as big as back home and I don't have all of my tools with me as well.

I won't give up blogging nor nail art, but the posts will be less frequent.

I hope you'll all stay with me through this.
 I'm scared and excited in equal measures. I just hope I'll get an experience I'll never forget.

 Au revoir!

It's a big move for me - from Estonia to France

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