Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Finally the UEFA EURO 2012 is here so I just had to do some football inspired nail art. 
I support Spain, so I maybe some Spanish team nails soon?

I used white nail polish, black acrylic paint and Wild and Crazy Indian Chief (clear glitter).

So, do you watch the games? 
If yes, who do you support?

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marox79 said...

For obvious reasons, I also support Spain.

zebra-nails said...

I totally love this mani!!!
P.S. But, it's not the UEFA Champions League, it's UEFA EURO 2012 now. The difference is that the Champions League is the tournament for european clubs (Real Madrid, Manchester United, Milan, etc.) and the EURO is for the national teams.

Of course, I watch games :). I support my national team (Ukraine) and a bit Italian national team (I just love italian football) :)

Mariska said...

Pretty nail art! :)

Elizabeth said...

What a cute idea, Sandra! Hope you're enjoying the football--I keep meaning to tune in, but it's on so late here. ;)

nail crazy said...

i'm watching the euro, the rest of my life is kinda on waiting cause of it ;-D
nice mani :-D

Polish and Charms said...

So cool!

Jacqueline Colman said...

this is awesome!

Sandra said...

Ahh, thanks for correcting me, I meant Euro 2012. Making corrections now. :)

Marian said...

One vote for Spanish team nails!
Love this mani.

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