Saturday, December 3, 2011

Iron Man Mani

Once again I've been getting more and more into superheroes.
This time, it's Iron Man.

If you haven't seen the movies then I definitely recommend watching them. They're amazing. And I think Robert Downey Jr. is absolutely perfect Tony Stark.

Now on to the Iron Man manicure.

The Iron Man mask.
Right hand - pretty decent in my opinion.
The ring finger has the Iron Man logo
I used Wild and Crazy Poncia and YSL Gold for most of the things.
Mask details were done with H&M Beige mixed with the gold and black for mouth and eye-area.

And now my favorite finger - the middle one. I used a coat of H&M White and used my glow in the dark blue pigment on top of it.
It looked perfect - just like Iron Man's heart and it glowed in the dark. 
I also used the pigment for the Iron Man's eyes.

My camera failed to pick it up, it looked so much better in real life.
My inner nerd can't wait for the Avengers movie next year.
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Ashesela said...

This is fantastic!!! I really like the Iron Man movies. ^_^ Very well done.

Fashion Footing said...

Really great! I love Iron Man and more importantly, Robert Downey Jr. ~_~

Anonymous said...

Super cute! Your thumb looks awesome!

Anonymous said...

Love this! So cool and fun! I do have a question for you: What is the longest lasting nail polish you've used? Are brands like essie and opi worth the investment?


Dilan Dilir said...

the gold color is awsome:)

Coco (The Style Notebook) said...

I love this! So creative! :)


Anonymous said...

ahaha, this is AWESOME!

Nail Reflections said...

This is so cute! Love Iron man!

Samm_Perry said...

great idea! Iron man is my fav!! :))

Jacqui said...

Wow, this is so cool! Your freehand skills are amazing!

Mooncat said...

I wish I could do freehand mani as good as you.. I really like this one!

Lydz said...

Awesome Nails!!! I love everything about them! Great job! :)

Kayleigh said...

Super cool mani!! I love Iron Man (the movie), Robert Downey Jr. is just awesome :D

ScarsLikeLace said...

This is a great design! The Iron Man movies weren't my favorites, but they were still really good!

Shirley said...

Just to let you know the design on your ring finger is the symbol for the iron-man triathlon...It has nothing to do with Iron Man the super hero...just thought I'd let you know, other than that the design is great!

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