Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Nail Stuff Haul

I went to this beauty convention "Ilu Sõnum 2011" or if translated it would be "Beauty Message 2011" last weekend. 
It's an annual event and I've been going there since I was a little girl with my mom.

Last few years haven't been as interesting as it was when it started out, but this year was surprisingly good. 
Lots of companies had their booths where they introduced and sell their things and they usually have really good deals there.

Here's a little overview of things I got.

 Nail foil, holographic glitter, two polishes, pigment, nail file, brush set.
My first Essie polish - shade Virgin Orchid. 
It was only 3.50 €.
Mereneid's holographic nail polish. It's a local salon and I have several of their polishes. They're really affordable and with good quality.
This was 1.85 €
Holographic glitter. 0.40 €
Glow in the dark pigment. It was actually for gel nails, but they said that it might work too if you mixed it with a clear nail polish, which of course I tried out.
 I used only a little bit, but you can see, the bottle does glow a bit, but if you use it on your nails, it doesn't show, so I'm a little disappointed.
The pigment was 1.50 €
Probably my favorite purchase - nail art brush set of 10.
This was 11 € - such a bargain, or what?

And last, but not least - nail foil with little skulls. I was paying for my brushes, nail file and glitter when I saw these and I just had to grab them.
Again, I got a super good deal, these were only 1 €.

I'll definitely do more detailed posts about things I bought in the future, but that's it for now. :)

Small update: I got a text from Oriflame yesterday (it's Swedish cosmetics company, which had a booth there) and it turns out that I won their make-up course because I filled out their coupon in the beauty convention. How cool is that?! 
It's on Thursday and I'm so excited!

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E V E L Y N said...

The nail art brush set looks great! Nice buys :)


TheOtherSideofCool said...

You got some really great bargains here, the Essie polish and brush set in particular. That's so cool you wont their competition too, you'll have to let us know how it goes! xx

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Fingers said...

I used to use Oriflame skin care-had no idea they were still around!! Congrats on winning that-that's great! Can't wait to see the skull foils!

Nail Nerd said...

Congrats on the win! That's a beautiful brush set too, everything's comin' up roses for ya

Cristina - PeeBeforePolish said...

Oooh what a wonderful brush set! Love it!
The nail foil with skulls are very nice, too. :)

marox79 said...

The packaging for the Carolina glow polish is the same as a Carlo di Roma (bubble line) polish that I have.
That Essie was a bargain.

Nory said...

I need one of those brush sets now I will be on the hunt for one!:) You definitely got a lot of great stuff!!

Kay said...

You've got a great haul there! Those brushes look really nice. Love the polishes too!

SadeeStyle said...

nice collection of nail accessories :)

Kirshten said...

I love your haul!! Im soo jealoous right now. lol :P

Beauty on a College budget said...

All that looks great, I love the pink essie color!!

Kayleigh said...

Wicked haul!! My next big nail plan is to get some nail art brushes, I'm starting to realize there are designs I want to try that require them - toothpicks just won't cut it anymore!

♥beauxs mom said...

Nice goodies, that holo polish looks pretty, And congrats on winning that's awesome.

nail crazy said...

nice goodies :-D

Lexy said...

I love that nail art brush set *_*

Sherin said...

Great haul!! I love the Essie nail polish.

Nail Reflections said...

WOW nice hall. Love the brush set.

A Heel in Mint said...

Nice set. Love the second nail color . :)

Heel in Mint

Anonymous said...

I just bought my first essie polishes a little while ago, you'll love the brand :)

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

WOW! you are totally equipped and ready to rock any kind of manicure!

mayra said...

wow i really want to try out nail foil soon, they're a little expensive where i live but i'm defiantly getting some soon

Sophie said...

Aww, shows like that are always so much fun. I wish they happened more often. I'd totally end up broke tho. :) That Essie polish looks really cute!

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