Thursday, October 20, 2011

BYS Mascara Volume & Lengthening

BYS is an Australian brand designed and developed in Melbourne.

I had never heard about this brand before I saw that our local department store, Kaubamaja, was selling their make-up.
I decided to try out the Volume & Lengthening Mascara.

It's excellent for daily use. It gives a nice result and doesn't need touching up throughout the day, which is a huge plus. I have always had problems with mascara smudging in the outer corner of my eye, but I haven't had this problem with this mascara. 

I cost 3.50 €, which was a campaign price, so I think it's usually a bit more expensive (but still super cheap for such a good mascara). Sadly I think that BYS brand's make up was also a campaign thing, since I haven't noticed their products on sale anymore.

I wanted to try it out because I saw that the brush has little nylon particles (click to enlarge the wand picture) that suppose to make your lashes seem longer. I usually use one full coat, let it dry and then add a bit more to the tips, but you can also build it up with several layers so your lashes look really long.

Overall, I'd give two thumbs up. It does what it says - gives more volume and lengthens and last an entire day without flaking or smudging. Also they do not test their products on animals, which is a huge plus.

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marox79 said...

When I was in Tallinn they had a BYS campaign as well, but there wasn't a proper display but just a few fishbowls with lipsticks and so on.
You could have used a before and after pic, like adds do.

le sorelle said...

First of all, you have such beautiful eyes! Second, I've never heard of this company! The mascara looks great on you! :)

sorelle in style

Silyeah said...

nice ;D

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