Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Guess the Band!?

With flash
Under a lamp

Did you guess it right?
Of course it's Maroon 5.

I wanted to do something really simple, but after I painted my nails, I looked at them and thought "oo, pretty maroon"... I just had to put the little fives. :P

I used Nivea Beauté Calcium Power Shock Resistant #39 Mystic Merlot and for the fives gold YSL polish.

And a fun picture from the next morning.
I thought my nails were dry when I went to bed, but obviously I was wrong.
I hate when it happens!

And how can I not end the post with a Maroon 5 song.
Harder to Breathe from the album Songs About Jane (2002)
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Polish and Charms said...

Very Cute! I love Maroon 5!

Tina said...

Nice color! Maroon5!!

nail crazy said...

lol, nice mani, and the band is not bad at all ;-D

Fingers said...

Such a pretty color! I don't really listen to this band-so I had no idea!! I hate when you get sheet marks!

Olivia C. said...

Pretty color! I hate when I get sheet marks like that. Songs About Jane is probably my favorite album from them.

Maria said...

Love the color babe! and yes, I love maroon 5 - Love their song sunday morning! :)

Also, can you please stop by and say hello to my sister in law, she just started blogging, would really appreciate if you can follow her too! :)

Her link: http://valereeannesj.blogspot.com/

Kayleigh said...

Uuuugh I hate when that happens to my nails! :( Try the Sally Hansen Insta Dry top coat, I find it dries VERY quickly so I don't get that creasing anymore. :)

Lexus said...

wow how cleverXD i love it

♥beauxs mom said...

Love this it's so cute! I didn't know nivea made polish thats cool!

Anonymous said...

i love maroon 5 this looks really cute!

Minnie said...

What a gorgeous colour!! I didn't know about the band, but I like the song on Youtube;p Cool design!!!

Olivia said...

Hehe what a cute idea. Oh I've had that happen to me many times, very annoying. Sometimes you can fix it up with another coat of polish...just depend on the polish itself.

Maycie After Five said...

That's so funny. I was really thinking long and hard. Ah ha, Maroon 5!

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