Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sparkling Blue

This is probably the easiest way to switch up a regular nail polish - just put a sparkly coat over it.

I used Wet N Wild  Denim Chrome, which is one of my favorite polishes, and then put Wild and Crazy Ticklish Toes over it.
I just loved the result, it was simple, but still eye-catching.

Sorry for such a short, post. I've been really busy lately and this week has been hectic. Next week will be better. :)
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Syrious said...

wow that's a bright color!
love it
cute blog! i'm following you hope you'll do the same if you like my blog :)
sweet italian kisses xoxo

Syriously in Fashion

Sherin said...

That's a stunning colour! Putting sparkly nail colour on top of a normal one is a great idea.

Miss A said...

Ah, looking at your nail posts, I wish my nails were in better condition!

A beautiful midnight blue with a bit of sparkle :-)


Vasu said...

love the blue...and the sparkle looks fab

Dilan Dilir said...

love that color :D

Doryfish said...

oh i actually tried a similar colour on few days ago! looks nice with your skin tone =), check mine out too, did my own french mani, but with a blue instead =)

Zivile said...

This color looks great :)

Dilan Dilir said...

wish you a great day :D

Melle lunettes said...

Great color !!

Kiss from france ;-)
follow me i follow you back

Ashley said...

I love that look! When I was in grade school I was so proud of adding my glittery silver and gold polishs over my other colors; I pretty much thought that I had invented it:) How embarrassing is that?! I love the blue shade that you chose for your base color; it looks like the sparkling waters of an exotic destination or like little galaxies on you fingers. xx

akaCola said...

such a great color!! it's not too much but not too little

akaCola said...

btw I'm following...follow back??

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