Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Roses are red

Since it's springtime I wanted to try out some new florals.

I really like this design, it's pretty and quite easy to do.

I tried two different methods to do the flowers. To the index finger and to the ring finger I did the lighter color first and then painted the petals with darker red.
To other fingers I didn't do the lighter base and painted the petals with two tones of red. Pin It Now!


maijathemuffin said...

i looove your nails and blog ! :)

Christine Iversen said...

This is really beautiful :)

Xoxo Christine

Sherin said...

Your nails are amazing. The roses on them look so fantastic.

Rachel said...

Oh wow! These are really impressive - well done!

Sandra said...

Thank you! :)

Travel said...

I have to try something fun like this for my nails. I like that it looks like artwork!..
(following now, i hope you can follow back also if you like my page!..
Thank youuu!



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