Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Put Your Paws Up!

I bought BeYu Mat Top Coat. I've been wanting such top coat for the longest time.
I really like nails with matte finish and finally tried it out myself.
The paw prints were made with a dotter. It's really easy and the result is cute.

Do you like matte finish nails?

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Sherin said...

These look incredible and so cute! Love them.

nail crazy said...

super cute, i love paws on nails :-D
and love matte, ofcourse ;-)

Eugenia said...

Love the paw prints.. so cute!! I have yet to try a matte finish but I definitely want to!

Annabelle Fleur said...

Wow, I just love the colors and the design! You have such gorgeous nails! Simply amazing!!! Thank you for visiting my blog and for your sweet comment:)


Oje Delisi (: said...

so cute! (:

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