Tuesday, May 10, 2011



I recently started watching the show "Daria" again. It was on MTV from 1997-2001 and I use to love it when I was younger.

And considering my limited artistic abilities, I'd say the nails came out pretty good.

Do you remember the show? Did you watch it?
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~Leslie~ said...

FANTASTIC!!! I wasn't allowed to watch this growing up because my parents thought it was too "mature" but I've still seen a few episodes! ;) My favorite one is the Daria profile. She looks amazing! Spot on!!

nail crazy said...

wow, you really know how to draw, thumbs up :-D

Sherin said...

I used to love Daria! It was such a cool show. The nails came out amazing.

jamie said...

are you kidding me?! i mean...... i have no words! this is so fricking COOL!!!!

Pieter said...

Haha i remember the show!
This is amazing :D x


Amanda said...

ahahah i love these nails

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Jane said...

I don't know this show, but the faces are drawn perfectly! They look exactly like the pics. Great job!

naivebones said...

haha! your blog is so quirky, I love them! you should check out a recent post of mine I wrote on Daria. Man I loved that show!


CucumPear said...

That's bloody brilliant. So much better than my attempt at a Daria mani!

em.me.ma said...

omg I just died. I used tp watch that show lol.

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