Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cracked Blue & Yellow

One coat of yellow for base and one coat of blue Depend Cracked Effect Polish.

I liked the Cracked Effect polish, although it started cracking really fast. I wasn't even finished with the one side of the nail, when the other already cracked. That can be a good thing if you get it all perfect on the first try, but if not.. Well, then it may come out like my second picture's index finger.
Overall, it's a great polish and really affordable - the  5 ml bottle was 1,50 € since it was a campaign price, but the regular price can't be that much higher.
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Jane said...

LOVE this mani, the contrast and the bold colors look amazing!

marox79 said...

Before I went to Tallinn I did some research and expected these to be more expensive, so when I saw these for only 1.50 each of course I had to grab a few. Well, more than a few, to be completely honest.

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